Minerva Arena - Minerva Square

The wide, rectangular layout runs along one of the Cathedral sidewall, where there’s still visible the colonnade of the Doric Temple of Athena, built in the fifth century BC. Syracuse’s heart and parlor, the square turns into an arena during the festival, equipped to the best screening quality performances. This location will be featuring the main sections of the Festival along with meetings with authors, actors, productions and the final awards ceremony.

Logoteta Arena - Logoteta Square

Located at few meters from Minerva Square, in the heart of “La Giudecca”, the jewish neighborhood of the island of Ortygia; the whole area totally pedestrianized for the event and a part of it converted into the arena, this location features showcases, second screenings, meetings, readings and conversations. 

Casina Minniti:
Info-point and

Facing Logoteta Arena, Casina Minniti becomes the festival headquarter during the event: info-point, host-center, press-room, marketing & merchandising, guests hangout and the place where the audience can vote.

Exhibition & Events
Ex "S. Francesco di Assisi" Convent

The Ex San Francesco d’ Assisi Convent in via Gargallo, the venue for Ortigia Film Festival exhibition and side events: meetings with the festival’s protagonists, book presentations, master classes, work-shops.