Vengo anch'io

First Featured Film Competition

Directed by: Corrado Nuzzo e Maria di Biase

Italia 2017, D.91’

July 13th,2018

Arena Minerva 10.45pm | Arena Logoteta ore 9.30pm

Meet the public:
the directors and actors Corrado Nuzzo e Maria di Biase.

Cast: Maria Di Biase, Corrado Nuzzo, Gabriele Dentoni, Cristel Caccetta, Ambra Angiolini


It’s a road movie that crosses Italy longways. Corrado is a social worker in a disadvantaged young people centre in Segrate, but he’s in turn addicted to prescription drugs, a problem that will bring him to his dismissal. Since he has to leave, he decides to accompany Aldo, a boy with the Asperger’s syndrome, to Pescara, where his real father lives. In order to save money, they load Maria on board, a woman who’s just got out of prison. She has to go to the port of Brindisi to meet her daughter Lorenza, a rowing athlete. Corrado, more or less secretly, plans to kill himself at the end of his adventure, but the trip will be full of surpises e will force them to take off their armors and show their feelings.