Tribute to OFF feature Film Competition President

Profumi di algeri

Special Events

Directed by: Rachid Benhadj

Italia, 2012, D. 90’

July, 14th 2018

Arena Minerva 10.45pm

Meet the public:
the director Rachid Benhadj

Cast: Monica Guerritore, Chadian Boudraa, Rym Takoucht, Sid Ahmed Agoumi, Ahmed Benaissa


Karima, a famous algerian photographer living in Paris since many years, is forced to come back to Algiers in a hurry to attend to the agony of the father, which she cut off all contacts with, twenty years ago. In the house in Algiers, in which Karima still breathes the air and the perfumes of the past, she understands that the music of memories is not always joyful. There, twenty years ago, a drama forced her to escape from her father. In those places she discovers that her younger brother Morad, who’s been submitted by his parent his whole life, has found his rebellion in Muslim fundamentalism. Unwillingly, Karima finds herself involved in the mission of saving from death penalty her brother, who’s been accused of being the leader of a terror cell. When she succeeds in demonstrating Morad’s innocence and obtaining his release, new evidences prove her brother’s guilt. Shocked by the last undeniable revelations, Karima is torn between hidding the truth which will definitively give Morad the death penalty, and placing her sense of justice above the blood tie that binds her to him.