La bella e le bestie

Cinema Women - International Featured First and second Films

Directed by: Kaouther Ben Hania

Tunisia, Francia, Svezia, Norvegia, Libano, Qatar, Svizzera, 2017, D. 100’’

13 July 2018

Arena Minerva 9.00pm

Meets the public: the actress Mariam Al Ferjani

Cast: Mariam Al Ferjani, Ghanem Zrelli, Noomane Hamda, Mohamed Akkari


Myriam is a young Tunisian student as beautiful as the sun. She has only one desire: to dance one night in that disco with  shimmering, colored lights, and to meet Youssef, the boy who always looks at her insistently. She just wants to go through life with open arms. But something terrible will soon break her wings.