Hotel Gagarin

First Featured Film Competition

Directed by: Simone Spada

Italia 2018, D.93’

July, 14 2018

Arena Minerva 9.00pm | Arena Logoteta ore 10.45pm

Meet the public:
the director Simone Spada and the actrees Barbara Bobulova.

Cast: Claudio Amendola, Luca Argentero, Giuseppe Battiston, Barbora Bobulova, Silvia D’amico, Philippe Leroy, Caterina Shulha, Tommaso Ragno, Simone Colombari, Marco Todisco, Hovhannes Azoyan, Paolo De Vita, Marjan Avetisyan


Five Italians spun off and looking for success are convinced by a self-styled producer to shoot a film in Armenia. As soon as we arrive the producer disappears with money, abandoning the five boys in the cold and isolated Hotel Gagarin, with a war in progress. Despite this, this proves an opportunity to find the lost happiness.