Gatta cenerentola

Directed by: Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, Dario Sansone

Italia, 2017, D. 86’

11 July 2018

Arena Logoteta 9.30pm

Meet the public:
Dario Sansone e Luigi Scialdone.

Cast: Donatella Finocchiaro, Alessandro Haber, Matilda De Angelis, Pamela Villoresi, Lina Bernardi, Federica Rosati, Paolo Sassanelli, Claudio Botosso, Luca Lionello, Laura Pizzirani, Giulia Anchisi, Silvia Francese, Armando Ottaiano, Demetra Bellina, Gianni Pellegrino, Giulio Maroncelli, Daniele Natali, Maria Laura Moraci, Paola Lorenzoni, Luigi Marchigiani


Vittorio Basile is a shipowner, who invents “a crown jewel of the Italian shipbuilding business”, in order to put a sheen on the city of Naples. But the avidity of the fixer Salvatore Lo Giusto, called “the king”, and of the beautiful Angelica Carannante, Basile’s betrothed, put a stop to the shipowner’s life and dream. Mia, Vittorio’s daughter by his first marriage, ends up into the clutches of Angelica and her six children – five girls and a “femminiello” – who call the little girl by the name of Cinderella the Cat. Is Primo Gemito, once one of the men of Basile, ever going to be able to bring legality in the port of Naples and take Cinderella from her captivity?